A question of Judgement

May 23, 2009

Paul JudgeWe know all about politicians adapting the techniques of marketing to electioneering (see my piece on David Cameron the other day). But what happens when a natural marketer turns his hand to politics?

Last March, Sir Paul Judge – the man who famously bought out Premier Foods from Cadbury and then floated it for a good deal of money on the stock exchange – set up his own political movement, Jury Team. He’s sickened by  “the institutional corruption” of  British politics. And by what he regards as the pernicious influence of a “presidential” style of government gradually emasculating Parliament.

Now, with public outrage over the MPs’ expenses scandal at boiling point, he sees real opportunity for irreversible grass-roots reform. “The product offering from Jury Team is very good,”  he tells me, “But the problem has been getting our name out there. The European parliamentary elections on June 4 is our test market.” 

The “roll out” will be a General Election, which he predicts for the autumn. Find out more about Judge, his party and his plans in my forthcoming column.

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