Orangina lets Miss O là là put men in their place

April 11, 2012

Women in control, or controlling women? After a cursorary examination of the latest Orangina ‘Miss O’ offering from the Fred & Farid team in Paris, the answer has to be the latter.

And here’s another execution featuring a female hyena:

Drink Orangina diet drinks, the ads seem to be saying, and far from “staying in control”, you turn into an uncontrollable monster. But maybe French women are so vain, they couldn’t care less anyway.

Of course, my Jekyll and Hyde interpretation of Miss O and her marketing cohort could be – well – a tad literal. What I’m failing to note here is the skilful inversion of gender stereotyping. Really, the new campaign is an ironically amusing way of reminding us that men are the ones who do all the cheating and lying in relationships. The ads raise a few knowing chuckles among the target female audience and sell a bit of product along the way.

Maybe. You decide.

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