Fake sex ad leaves Sprite unshaken

July 22, 2009

SpriteI’m not surprised everyone – including YouTube and the ostensible advertiser – was confused by the sexually explicit Sprite commercial until its faker, MTV director Max Isaacson, put his hand up and admitted what he had done.

These days, it’s difficult to put a sheet of censor’s paper between what’s real and what’s fake. Take those naughty Mattesons radio ads, which have just been firmly corralled in an adult watershed after complaints to the advertising regulator, the ASA. The script included such gems as:  “I’m renowned for my big sausage hot pot. People are always calling by for a bit and my husband Roger loves it.” Silly fourth-form locker room humour perhaps, but the ASA was not amused and decreed that the ads “could cause harm to children”.

Now back to Sprite and oral sex. Initial confusion over the banned commercial was caused not so much by inappropriate imagery as the fact that the production values were so good they were indistinguishable from the real thing. Isaacson’s motive? Pure self-promotion. And it’s paid off: Coke, which owns Sprite, won’t be suing it seems.

Talking of the real thing, let’s say the Sprite fake goes some way beyond the raunchy 1976 Perrier ad in explicit imagery. But as Adfreak points out, that doesn’t necessarily make it more interesting.

For more background (now that the ad has been deleted from the record by YouTube): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWr_hlxS8Ck

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