Kindle’s bright idea incenses Apple iPad fans

September 20, 2010

Kindle’s latest pitch to a UK audience is very weak. Two people sitting on a beach, marvelling at how easy it is to use the Amazon-inspired e-reader in bright sunlight: who in their right minds would be doing such a thing anywhere near sand?

Berlin Cameron is capable of much better work, and the stuff currently airing in the US is a good case in point. The USP is similiar to that of the UK ad, but what a world of difference in execution.

‘Poolside Girl’ has, in just a few days, created a sensation on YouTube – with closing on 2 million hits – and managed to stir up tribal hatred among the many adherents of the rival Apple iPad in the process. Which can have done Kindle sales no harm at all.

How so? Let’s set the scene a little. The scripting is economy itself. Two holiday-makers are lying side by side next to a ritzy swimming pool. The bloke, so quaintly clean-cut he must have been remaindered from the Mad Men cast, is struggling with his cumbersome e-reader (it’s clearly an iPad, though no one says that) in the bright sunlight. He leans over to the bikini-clad girl next door – effortlessly devouring her book with a gizmo less than half the iPad’s size held in one hand – and asks her what it is. “A Kindle” comes the smug reply as she lifts her fashionista sunglasses and gives him a pitying smile. “$139. I actually paid more for these sunglasses.” Sub-text: ’What a schmuck. Fancy spending $500 on that piece of overrated junk.’

That’s it really. All the salient product advantages put across in just a few pithy words. The Kindle works in bright sunlight, unlike the iPad. It’s light to handle: you can hold it with just one hand. Oh yes, and it’s about a quarter of the price.

We could, of course, unpack all this quite easily by asking what else the Kindle can do for its $139. Not a lot compared with the iPad and its multitudinous apps. It doesn’t offer colour. Nor, for that matter, are we likely to do much reading by the poolside. I don’t know about you, but I do most of my reading indoors – where the iPad suffers no such disadvantage.

But that would be picky. Hats off to an audacious knocking ad – which appears to have been the personal inspiration of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – especially when the target is as iconic as Apple. For more on this topic, look up Jim Edwards at BNET.

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