Unison lets off steam over sexy nurses, but what about flighty attendants?

July 6, 2010

Our favourite union Unison has been getting into a terrible lather about a Head & Shoulders commercial that supposedly demeans nurses.

The offensive ad features numerous nymphettes, clad in clinging white uniforms and red high-heeled shoes, serenading the bemused male occupant of a steamy shower.

Actually, says Saatchi & Saatchi – the agency responsible for the ad – they’re not nurses at all; they’re “a cross between beauticians and dermatologists”. Mmm, since when have beauticians worn those medal watches? But I’ll let you be best judge of that.

Moving on, I’m not surprised the Advertising Standards Authority has found no grounds for a formal investigation into Unison’s complaints. As far as I know silliness is not a CAP offence.

Besides, where would it all end? Nymphettes, red high-heeled shoes and sexually suggestive behaviour readily recall another, more famous, campaign: last year’s Virgin Atlantic retro ad. Given that flight attendants are a core trade union constituency, should that be blacklisted too?

Mind you flight attendants (or “air hostesses” as we used to insensitively call them) have every right to apoplexy over this raunchy little number from Russian budget airline Avianova:

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