Beat the airport security voyeurs – with ScannerShirts

Airport body scanners – which are being mandatorily introduced in the UK – are unloved by everyone except paranoid securicrats and the people who make them. For one thing, they don’t work very well – if stopping a jihadist rampage is what they are actually for. Worse, libertarians are in a lather over them breaching our human rights. They certainly invade our privacy.

But fear for your private parts no longer. Where there’s a will, there’s always a marketing way – and, as usual, it originates in the Land of the Free, where they’ve been oppressed by these useless encumbrances longer than we have.

Yes, who else but Americans could have dreamt up ScannerShirts? What are they? Well, here’s an extract from the corporate literature on their website which should make things abundantly, er, opaque:

At we are sensitive to your desire to maintain your personal dignity consistent with safe air travel. As such we have designed the products … as privacy wear for family travel.

Our garments have been imprinted with a special ink which tests have shown will create an opaque blur to help keep the details of your private body parts, private.

Prices start at $14.99 for teeshirts that preserve a lady’s modesty from the waist up. Shipping free, but only in America. Only in America indeed.


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