Cameron backs call for binge drinking

December 1, 2009

David Cameron really needs to be more careful about his photo opportunities.

First, there was the unscheduled shoot in the Field of Remembrance on Armistice Day, which caused such consternation among church officials.

Now he’s been caught apparently endorsing politically incorrect sentiments within his  own ad agency. The faux pas happened when the leader of the Conservative Party made a visit to Euro RSCG (Remember the Newcastle Brown ad, Brown’s lost his bottle? The drink theme’s important, so pay attention) to find out what was next on the electioneering agenda. And where better to go than the engine room, ie the creative department?

Alas, Cameron was too busy glad-handing to notice he had been set up in front of an iffy poster with the strapline: “Beer isn’t just for Breakfast”. I wonder how that’s going to play with the Tories’ grown-up agenda of integrating alcoholic and HFSS food regulation policies?


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