Why is the head of Cadbury Europe quitting?

Tamara Minick-ScokaloTamara Minick-Scokalo, head of Cadbury Europe, is leaving the company at the end of July. That much we know for a fact. The more interesting question is why.

According to Cadbury ceo Todd Stitzer, the departure is no more than a delayering exercise aimed at surmounting the “cost challenge” belabouring us all in these straitened times. Ignasi Ricou, currently head of Cadbury commercial operations Europe, looks like being the gainer. He will become president while retaining his commercial functions.

But wait a minute, wasn’t Minick-Scokalo Todd’s blue-eyed girl? That’s certainly what the P&G-bred marketing executive was billed as. She joined only two and a half years ago, from Elizabeth Arden, as global commercial chief and was catapulted to president of Europe last January.

It’s strange, even careless, to let your head of Europe go after six months in the post. Perhaps there were personal reasons? Perhaps she wanted to move on? Maybe. In which case it’s a curious coincidence that her departure has been wrapped up in a management reshuffle that also involves the legal department.

At any event, Fallon London (of ‘Gorilla’ and twitching eyebrows fame) should watch its back. She was the agency’s biggest champion.

8 Responses to Why is the head of Cadbury Europe quitting?

  1. Lynn Davis says:

    Did Minick-Scokalo quit as the title states – or was she axed (“delayered”) as your text implies? Come on Stu, spill. Wondering if as a candidate she was thoroughly vetted?

  2. Lynn Davis says:

    Definitely axed, according to a source very close to Minick-Scokalo “totally unexpected.” Going back to Switzerland.

  3. […] Equally unsettling was Cadbury’s recent decision to get rid of its European president, Tamara Minick-Scokalo, only six months after elevating her from group commercial […]

  4. Lynn Davis says:

    “It’s another example of just how ruthless companies have become in slashing key personnel once they are deemed too expensive.” Who says Minick-Scokalo was too expensive, and not just too ineffective? If she was awesome, she would still be pushing candy.

  5. stuartsmithsblog says:

    That’s certainly a theory that might fit the facts.

  6. Lynn Davis says:

    Could you please try to be more politically correct? 😉

  7. Lynn Davis says:

    What was Minick-Scokalo’s role in the Kraft takeover? Obviously working behind the scenes for some time since Kraft announced her joining their company on the day of the sale. Paybacks, methinks.

  8. […] blog may recall that she left Cadbury in slightly mysterious circumstances at the beginning of last July. An American with 20 years experience in Procter marketing, Minick-Scokalo moved to Europe a few […]

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