Phil Kotler prepares for a bumpy ride

KotlerSuppose the world around us, political and economic, is irrevocably changing. Imagine, instead of long periods of uninterrupted prosperity, punctuated by sudden but short-lived economic contractions, an era in which the management of crisis has become the new normality. Only it’s not a piece of dystopian scenario planning, but a fast-developing fact.

That at least is the belief of marketing guru Philip Kotler who, with co-author John Caslione, has just published a book called Chaotics, The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence. If their vision is borne out by reality, it will make a nonsense of many of the assumptions which govern current marketing and management strategy.

It’s meant as a short read for C-suite executives on a mid-haul flight. If air turbulence doesn’t  cause them to fasten their safety belts, the book certainly ought to.

For more, see this week’s column in the magazine, out on Wednesday.

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