Small cheer for businessmen over politicians’ discomfort

At last, the silver lining in the cloud hanging over Parliament that we’ve all been looking for. Apparently, it’s great for business, especially small businesses, according to an article in the FT. The bizarre reasoning runs as follows. Politicians are attracting all the flak. That means the media is no longer saturated with gloom-filled stories about rising unemployment and companies going bust. Which in turn is persuading consumers that the worst is over and that they can now start spending freely again.

I’m not entirely convinced. And more importantly, nor is Stephen Alambritis, spokesman for the Federation of Small Businesses. If there really is good news about the economy, the preoccupation with politicians and their misdeeds is probably preventing it from trickling through. “We may be pleasantly surprised when the expenses debacle subsides that the recession is not getting any worse,” he concludes. That good, eh?


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