A question of Judgement

Paul JudgeWe know all about politicians adapting the techniques of marketing to electioneering (see my piece on David Cameron the other day). But what happens when a natural marketer turns his hand to politics?

Last March, Sir Paul Judge – the man who famously bought out Premier Foods from Cadbury and then floated it for a good deal of money on the stock exchange – set up his own political movement, Jury Team. He’s sickened by  “the institutional corruption” of  British politics. And by what he regards as the pernicious influence of a “presidential” style of government gradually emasculating Parliament.

Now, with public outrage over the MPs’ expenses scandal at boiling point, he sees real opportunity for irreversible grass-roots reform. “The product offering from Jury Team is very good,”  he tells me, “But the problem has been getting our name out there. The European parliamentary elections on June 4 is our test market.” 

The “roll out” will be a General Election, which he predicts for the autumn. Find out more about Judge, his party and his plans in my forthcoming column.


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